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"Sometimes, you just have to play your song"​​

Happy Times
Hyle King Movement
​​​Hyle King is best known for his symphony "Future Shock" which captured the attention of Igor Stravinsky, Leonard Bernstein, and the head of The Lincoln Center, and the Julliard School Of Music, William Schuman, when it debuted at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at The Los Angeles Music Center. It became the most performed symphony in America for the following five years.
I Saw The
Light Of Day
Hyle King Movement
​Although highly successful in the pop music world Hyle King has been recognized as one of the most talented classical composer and conductor of his time. His second symphony "Future Shock" is played throughout the world with some of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe, United States and Canada. With his old band mate Ray Chafin, they have revived the musical mastery of the "Movement"
Come Sing With Me​ In The Rain
Hyle King Movement
The Hyle King Movement is comprised of singer songwriters Hyle King and Ray Chafin. Their collaboration as artists began at a party, dating back to their early years in the Hollywood music scene. Hyle King, credited by many as a genius composer, in classical, contemporary and pop music, was an artist/protégé with Brian Wilson among others, in the surf music phenomenon of the Malibu Beach classics from California. Ray Chafin, applauded by Hyle King himself, is also from those early days in Hollywood, quickly rising through the ranks as a dedicated songwriter and filmmaker. Together they have reinvented their cosmic style of music and film, to introduce once again their artistic endeavors to the internet world through Wraysong Productions. Truly amazing works! Enjoy!
Of Time
Hyle King Movement
The music group Hyle King Movement was formed while Hyle King and Ray Chafin were both artists on the Liberty/Imperial Record Label in Hollywood. They worked with many great artists of that time, both as writers and players. The Beach Boys, Mamas & Papas, Jackie DeShannon, Bobby Vee, Mac Davis, Eddie Hodges, Dick Clark and many, many others.
Hyle King Movement
This patriotic song is presented as an instrumental 
that embodies the classical earmarks of a Hyle King
symphonic work. Probably because he played all the instruments in the old style known as stacking. His approach to this particular song is a break away from his usual upbeat tempo exemplified in most of his other arrangements, and beautifully orchestrated into an easy listening format that soothes the ear, as Ray Chafin adds his own style to this rendition.
One Sided Affair
Hyle King Movement
Hyle King is not only a brilliant composer, writer and musician, but has a great sense of humor as well. Ray Chafin took that flare for humor one  step higher, with this satirical approach to the video. In his unusual style of dancing the words into visual vignettes, with a storied rhythm of ideas, so that one might simply find themselves relaxed, and floating on a melody that leads them through the fantasy.